4 Easy Steps to Make a Nether Portal with Lava and Water

Building a Nether Portal in Minecraft traditionally involves diamonds, mining obsidian, and a fair bit of time. However, in this guide, we’ll explore a quick and unconventional method that doesn’t require any diamonds. Using only water and lava, you can create a portal and venture into the Nether swiftly, almost like a seasoned speedrunner.

Step One: Prepare your resources

Start by crafting two buckets, each requiring three iron ingots. While one bucket would suffice, having two ensures greater safety during the process. Find a nearby lava pool with at least 15 lava source blocks to guarantee sufficient resources. Lastly, fill one of your buckets with water, which you can reuse throughout the portal-building process.

Step Two: Build a dirt wall

To streamline the construction, create a dirt wall one block behind the intended portal location. Construct this wall about 15 blocks away from the lava pool to prevent unwanted obsidian formation. Make the wall six blocks long and six blocks tall to provide ample space for the portal.

Making process of Nether Portal with Lava and Water

Step Three: Build the portal

Begin building the portal from the bottom, making the process more manageable. Fill the empty space in front of the portal with lava to expedite the procedure. Place the water bucket in the middle of the dirt wall to let it flow over and solidify into obsidian.

For the sides:

  1. Pour lava where you want the obsidian.
  2. Quickly pour water directly above the lava to avoid excess cobblestone.
  3. Repeat until the sides are complete.
Making process of Nether Portal with Lava and Water

For the top:

  1. Option 1: Mimic the side construction by placing lava and water in sequence.
  2. Option 2: Create a dirt barrier, fill the gap with lava, and place water on top.
Making process of Nether Portal with Lava and Water (4)
Making process of Nether Portal with Lava and Water (5)
Making process of Nether Portal with Lava and Water (6)

By following these steps, you’ll have a completed portal without ever laying eyes on a diamond!

Step Four: Light it up

If you have an extra iron ingot, craft flint and steel to ignite the portal. If not, use wood from a nearby tree and remaining lava. Place the wood beside the portal and use the lava to set it ablaze. This method might take a few attempts, so gathering flint and steel could be a quicker alternative.

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