Activate of Conduits in Minecraft: Crafting Process and Materials

Minecraft offers a world of wonders, and one such marvel is the Conduit. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Conduits, from their definition and abilities to crafting recipes and item acquisition.

What is a Conduit and Conduit Power?

A Conduit in Minecraft is a beacon that activates “Conduit Power” when built in a 3x3x3 body of water. Conduit Power activates when a player comes in contact with water or rain. Depending on its construction, a conduit can have a range of 32-96 blocks. When active, it damages hostile mobs within 8 blocks (Bedrock only). Conduit Power grants the ability to breathe underwater, provides night vision, and imparts the Haste effect.

Crafting a Conduit: Obtaining Key Items

To craft a Conduit, you need two crucial items: a Nautilus Shell and a Heart of the Sea.

1. Heart Of The Sea:

The Heart of the Sea is uncraftable and can only be found through a Treasure Map. Obtain a treasure map from shipwrecks or ocean ruins. Feed raw cod or raw salmon to a dolphin to have it lead you to the treasure.

2. Nautilus Shell:

You can obtain a Nautilus Shell in three ways:

  • Killing Drowned: Drowned mobs have a 3% chance (Java) or 8% chance (Bedrock) of dropping a Nautilus Shell.
  • Fishing: Though rare, fishing can yield Nautilus Shells. Enchanting your fishing rod with Luck of the Sea increases the chances.
  • Wandering Trader: This trader, accompanied by two llamas, randomly spawns near players and may sell Nautilus Shells, but not always.
Finding Nautilus Shell to Craft a Conduit

Crafting Materials for Conduit:

To craft a Conduit, you’ll need Sea Lanterns, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, and Prismarine. These materials can be mixed for creative variations.

How to Make a Conduit:

Constructing a Conduit requires 16 blocks, but for full utilization, aim for 32 blocks. Build the structure in a 5x5x5 configuration for activation. The Conduit should be at the center, floating to activate. Place the structure in a 3x3x3 water body, either submerged or on the surface.

When active, the Conduit opens up, pulling in materials, and the Conduit Power symbol appears on the top right of the screen.

With this guide, you are now equipped to harness the power of Conduits in Minecraft. Whether you’re exploring the depths of the ocean or defending against mobs, Conduits provide a unique set of abilities that enhance your gameplay. Craft your Conduit, explore the seas, and let the power of the Conduit guide your adventures in Minecraft!

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