How to Rename Items in Minecraft [Quick Guide]

The ability to rename items is not merely a functional aspect but a canvas for players to add a touch of personalization to their gameplay in the vast and creative world of Minecraft. From the straightforward method of using an anvil to more intricate techniques involving color codes and file editing, the realm of item renaming caters to a diverse range of players.

Basic Renaming Using an Anvil

Gather Your Items: Begin by collecting the items you wish to rename, whether they are from your inventory or acquired during your Minecraft adventures.

Utilize the Anvil: The anvil serves as your crafting station for renaming. Place the items in the anvil to initiate the renaming process.

Input the New Name: With the items in the anvil, type in the desired new name. You have a generous limit of 35 characters, allowing for creative and personalized names.

Pay the Cost: Renaming items comes at a cost – experience points. The expense is based on the character count of the new name. Once you’ve paid the cost, your items will sport their newly bestowed names.

Steps to Edit Game Files for Permanent Renaming

For those seeking a more advanced and permanent renaming option, editing game files is the way to go. Follow these steps:

Download a .json Editor: Equip yourself with a text editor capable of editing .json files, such as Notepad++ or Coda.

Choose Your Game Version: Different Minecraft versions may require specific resource packs. Select the version you’re playing and download the corresponding resources.

Locate and Modify the Language File:

  • Extract the downloaded resource pack.
  • Navigate to the ‘lang’ folder, where you’ll find a .json file (often set to US-English).
  • Open the .json file using your text editor.

Edit the File:

  • Search for the item or block you want to rename.
  • Modify only the name after the “=” symbol in the file. For example, change “item.minecraft.charcoal”: “Charcoal” to “item.minecraft.charcoal”: “Black Gold.”

Upload Changes to the Game:

  • Open Minecraft and go to Options > Resource Packs.
  • Add your edited resource pack to the game.
  • Ensure your game language is set to English (US).
  • The renamed items should now appear in the game with their new names.

Whether you opt for the simplicity of the anvil or delve into the complexities of file editing, the art of renaming items in Minecraft empowers players to leave their mark on the pixelated landscapes they explore.

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