Minecraft Trick: How to auto-craft with the crafter block in Minecraft 1.21

As Minecraft’s 1.21 update looms on the horizon, players have the exciting opportunity to explore new features through Java Edition snapshots and Bedrock Edition previews. One standout addition is the crafter block, a game-changer that allows for automated crafting of items when supplied with a redstone signal.

The crafter block takes it to the next level while automation has been part of Minecraft, enabling players to craft items without direct input and opening up new possibilities for redstone machinery and in-game farms.

Accessing the Crafter Block:

Before delving into auto-crafting, ensure you are playing on the latest snapshot or preview beta with Minecraft 1.21 features enabled in your Experimental Features world setting. Once set, follow these steps to obtain a crafter block:

  1. Crafting Ingredients:
    • Crafting table
    • Five iron ingots
    • Two pieces of redstone dust
    • Dropper block
  2. Crafting Process:
    • Use a crafting table to combine the above ingredients and create a crafter block.

Setting Up Auto-Crafting:

Now that you have the crafter block, you can create a basic auto-crafting setup:

  1. Placement and Interaction:
    • Place the crafter block in the desired location.
    • Interact with the block to open its interface.
  2. Item Selection:
    • Insert the materials needed for crafting an item, similar to using a crafting table.
    • Lock any unused slots to prevent the crafter from crafting unintended items.
  3. Redstone Activation:
    • Connect the crafter block to an active redstone signal source.
    • The crafter will craft the specified item when it receives the redstone signal.

Creating an Automatic Activation Loop:

To fully automate the process, consider setting up a simple redstone clock:

  1. Crafting Redstone Repeaters:
    • Craft four redstone repeaters.
  2. Formation:
    • Set the repeaters in a cross formation with an empty space in the middle.
    • Ensure that the repeaters point to each other in a clockwise fashion.
  3. Connecting the Repeaters:
    • Connect the four repeaters with redstone dust.
  4. Connecting to the Crafter Block:
    • Connect the redstone clock to the crafter block using redstone dust.
  5. Repeater Settings:
    • Set the repeaters to their maximum setting, creating a delay in the loop.
  6. Redstone Torch Activation:
    • Place a redstone torch in the middle of the repeaters and break it.
    • This creates a redstone signal loop that activates the crafter block automatically.

Experimenting with Automation:

While a basic redstone clock provides automated activation, players with redstone expertise can experiment with various setups. The crafter block can synergize with hoppers and droppers to streamline resource intake and item deposition, offering endless possibilities for automation.

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