Minecraft: A Comprehensive Guide to the Official Servers

Minecraft, a game renowned for its vast creativity, has evolved beyond its single-player roots to become a communal experience through the advent of online servers. These servers not only diversify gameplay but also provide a platform for the community to unite. While they offer unique twists to the Minecraft experience, the potential for toxicity on online servers is a concern.

In response, Mojang has collaborated with GamerSafer to establish a list of official Minecraft servers that prioritize safety and positive interactions.

The official Minecraft server list

  • 1moreblock.com IP Address:1moreblock.com
  • SKLYARE IP Address: mc.sklyare.com
  • Autcraft: IP Address: IP Address Hidden
  • BadWolfMC: IP Address: play.badwolfmc.com
  • SiphonMC SMP IP Address: play.siphonmc.net
  • ManaCube IP Address: find.manacube.com
  • Hotdog Water IP Address: play.hotdogwater.dog
  • MineSuperior IP Address: hub.mcs.gg
  • LoverCraft IP Address: mj.loverfella.com
  • Remnant Minecraft – By Gamer Dorks IP Address: mc.gamerdorks.net
  • AddstarMC: IP Address: play.addstarmc.com
  • Skogliv IP Address: Skogliv.no
  • Mineraze IP Address: fm.mineraze.net
  • SGPGGB.de IP Address: sgpggb.de
  • Ruki Server IP Address: ruki.mcv.kr
  • London Gaymers IP Address: IP Address Hidden
  • Lifeboat IP Address: play.lbsg.net
  • Skyblock IP Address: skyblock.net
  • Aspiria MC: IP Address: play.aspiriamc.com
  • Phantopia IP Address: join.phantopia.net
  • Pure Vanilla Survival IP Address: fmc.purevanilla.co
  • Pixera Pixelmon IP Address: play.pixera.net
  • play-mc.fr IP Address: play-mc.fr
  • PokeHub Cobblemon IP Address: play.pokehub.org
  • MCVerseCity IP Address: mcverse.city
  • MineHaus IP Address: play.mineha.us
  • GamesMC IP Address: gamesmc.de
  • CastiaMC: IP Address: fms.castiamc.com
  • Project Enyo PVP IP Address: pvp.projectenyo.eu
  • Project Enyo Survival IP Address: smp.projectenyo.eu
  • SkyWars IP Address: skywars.com
  • OmegaMinecraft IP Address: play.omegaminecraft.com
  • OPBlocks IP Address: play.opblocks.com
  • Mineville IP Address: play.inpvp.net
  • Galaxite IP Address: play.galaxite.net
  • SootMC IP Address: play.sootmc.net
  • MoonDust IP Address: moondustmc.com
  • GreenSurvivors.de IP Address: greensurvivors.de
  • NeoNetwork IP Address: play.neocubest.com
  • HeroBlade.net IP Address: mc.heroblade.net
  • Libre Galaxy IP Address: play.libregalaxy.org
  • Spawning IP Address: spawning.co
  • Nexia IP Address: playnexia.net
  • HypeNetwork IP Address: play.hypenetwork.fr
  • Complex Gaming Network: IP Address: hub.mc-complex.com
  • Advancius Network: IP Address: mc.advancius.net
  • Jevination Patreon SMP IP Address: IP Address Hidden
  • CraftYourTown: IP Address: gs.cyt.gg
  • CubeCraft – Bedrock: IP Address: mco.cubecraft.net
  • Friends Zone MC IP Address: friendszone.enxada.host
  • Kencrafter’s Community Server IP Address: Kencrafters.apexmc.co
  • NearVanilla IP Address: play.nearvanilla.com
  • La Boulangerie IP Address: mc.laboulangerie.net
  • Stealcadia IP Address: Stealcadia.com
  • CubeCraft – Java: IP Address: play.cubecraft.net
  • LemonCloud IP Address: mc.lemoncloud.org
  • DonutSMP: IP Address: donutsmp.net
  • Foundation Craft IP Address: play.foundationcraft.com
  • ExeosCraft: IP Address: play.exeoscraft.com
  • EYServer IP Address: fun.eyserver.com
  • L.A. Works – MLK Jr. Day Virtual March IP Address: mlk.laworks.com
  • SurvivalQuest IP Address: mc.survivalquest.net
  • Leiger SMP IP Address: IP Address Hidden

To make the cut as an official Minecraft server, platforms must adhere to the Minecraft Usage Guidelines, ensuring that players engage in a secure and positive environment. Beyond compliance, servers are required to provide comprehensive information, offering transparency to players about what to expect.

This collective effort by Mojang and GamerSafer aims to create a safer online space where players can immerse themselves in Minecraft without concerns about toxicity.

The inclusivity of the official server list is a testament to Minecraft’s commitment to catering to a diverse player base. Servers for both the Java and Bedrock versions are featured, ensuring that no segment of the player community is excluded. This inclusivity fosters a cohesive environment where players can find a home that resonates with their preferences.

The curated list of official servers not only enhances the player experience but also instills a sense of security and dependability. By upholding a set of rules that prioritize fair play, values, and a secure atmosphere, these servers offer a crucial feature for a game that attracts a significant number of younger players.

The dynamic nature of the server list, designed to evolve over time, reflects the vitality and expansion of the Minecraft community. This list is not static; instead, it adapts to changing preferences and emerging trends within the Minecraft ecosystem.

Recurring check-ins with each server owner further ensure that the official Minecraft server list remains current and aligned with community expectations.

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