How to Unlock All Recipes in Minecraft? [Answered]

Crafting is a fundamental skill that players must master to thrive in the vast and creative world of Minecraft. The introduction of the recipe book in version 1.12 revolutionized the crafting experience, providing a convenient catalog of recipes for craftable items. However, many players are unaware that a significant portion of these recipes remains locked by default.

This guide aims to unravel the mystery and help you unlock all crafting recipes in Minecraft.

The Evolution of Crafting with the Recipe Book

In 2017, version 1.12 brought a game-changing addition to Minecraft – the recipe book. This digital compendium eliminated the need for players to memorize intricate crafting recipes, making the crafting process more accessible. It serves as an integral part of the inventory and select crafting blocks, such as the crafting table, smoker, and furnace.

Using the Recipe Book

Accessing the recipe book is a straightforward process. Open your inventory and click on the green book icon adjacent to the crafting grid. However, bear in mind that the crafting grid’s limited 2×2 configuration displays only a subset of recipes. To unlock the full array, one must open the recipe book within the crafting table.

Here’s a crucial point to note: the recipe book will showcase recipes based on the ingredients available in your inventory. This dynamic feature ensures that players see relevant recipes according to their available resources.

Unlocking All Crafting Recipes

While the recipe book is undeniably a valuable tool, its utility can be further enhanced by unlocking all crafting recipes. This is particularly advantageous for survival mode players seeking to broaden their knowledge of available items and crafting ingredients. Luckily, achieving this is a simple task with a command.

In a world where cheats are enabled, enter the command “/recipe give *” in the chat window. This command acts as a key to unlock all 1174 crafting recipes (as of version 1.20) instantly. Players can now explore the extensive list of recipes and broaden their crafting prowess.

Enabling Cheats

To utilize commands, cheats must be enabled. For Java and Bedrock Edition players creating a new world, enabling cheats is part of the world creation process. However, for existing worlds in Java Edition, cheats can be temporarily activated by following these steps:

  1. Load the desired world.
  2. Press the escape key to open the pause menu.
  3. Click on the “Open to LAN” button.
  4. Enable cheats and select “Start LAN World.”

Cheats are now accessible until you exit the world, providing a convenient way to implement desired changes using various commands.

By unlocking all crafting recipes, you elevate your Minecraft experience, gaining mastery over the extensive array of items and crafting possibilities. Embrace the power of the recipe book and wield crafting knowledge like never before in the captivating realm of Minecraft.

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