Minecraft: How to Get Warped Wart Blocks in Survival Mode

In the enchanting world of Minecraft, the warped wart block holds a certain mystique. This guide will illuminate the steps to craft this unique item, complete with helpful screenshots and simple instructions. Let’s embark on a journey to add the warped wart block to your inventory.

How to Obtain a Warped Wart Block in Survival Mode/Creative Mode

For those navigating the perils of Survival mode, here’s a straightforward guide to securing the warped wart block:

1. Find a Warped Wart Block

Find a Block of Warped Wart Block

Begin your quest in the Nether, specifically within the confines of the Warped Forest. Search diligently until you spot the elusive warped wart block.

2. Break the Warped Wart Block

Mine the Warped Wart Block

With the warped wart block located, equip yourself for breaking. The controls vary depending on your Minecraft version:

  • For Java Edition (PC/Mac): Left-click and hold on the warped wart block.
  • For Pocket Edition (PE): Tap and hold on the warped wart block.
  • For Xbox One: Press and hold the RT button on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS4: Press and hold the R2 button on the PS controller.
  • For Nintendo Switch: Press and hold the ZR button on the controller.
  • For Windows 10 Edition: Left-click and hold on the warped wart block.
  • For Education Edition: Left-click and hold on the warped wart block.

As you break the block, a smaller warped wart block will gracefully float to the ground.

3. Pick up the Warped Wart Block

Pick up the Warped Wart Block

Swiftly collect the warped wart block before it vanishes into the pixels. Once gathered, it will seamlessly appear in your hotbar, ready for your Minecraft exploits.

Command for Warped Wart Block

For those who prefer the wizardry of commands, here’s how to obtain a warped wart block:

For Java Edition:

/give @p warped_wart_block 1

For Pocket Edition, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition:

/give @p warped_wart_block 1 0

Supported Platforms

No matter where your Minecraft adventure unfolds – be it on Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, or Education Edition – the warped wart block is at your disposal.

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