How to Craft Shroomlights in Minecraft [Quick Guide]

In the mysterious realms of Minecraft, where the Nether holds its own secrets, crafting a shroomlight adds a touch of otherworldly illumination to your inventory. This guide will take you through the process of obtaining shroomlights, featuring clear screenshots and simple instructions. Let’s explore how to add the mystical shroomlight to your collection.

How to Obtain a Shroomlight in Survival Mode

For those daring to delve into the Nether in Survival mode, here’s a step-by-step guide to acquiring shroomlights:

1. Find a Shroomlight

Find a Shroomlight

Embark on your Nether adventure, seeking the warm glow of shroomlights. These can be found in either the Warped Forest or the Crimson Forest.

2. Break the Shroomlight

Hold a Pickaxe to mine Shroomlight

With a shroomlight in your sights, prepare to harvest its mystical glow. The controls vary depending on your Minecraft version:

  • For Java Edition (PC/Mac): Left-click and hold on the shroomlight.
  • For Pocket Edition (PE): Tap and hold on the shroomlight.
  • For Xbox One: Press and hold the RT button on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS4: Press and hold the R2 button on the PS controller.
  • For Nintendo Switch: Press and hold the ZR button on the controller.
  • For Windows 10 Edition: Left-click and hold on the shroomlight.
  • For Education Edition: Left-click and hold on the shroomlight.

Breaking the shroomlight reveals a smaller shroomlight floating on the ground.

3. Pick up the Shroomlight

Pick up the Shroomlight

Swiftly collect the shroomlight before it dissipates into the Nether’s mysterious energies. Once gathered, it will appear in your hotbar, ready to illuminate your Minecraft journeys.

Command for Shroomlight

For those who prefer the efficiency of commands, here’s how to obtain a shroomlight:

  • For Java Edition: /give @p shroomlight 1
  • For Pocket Edition, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition: /give @p shroomlight 1 0

Supported Platforms

Whether you’re playing on Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, or Education Edition, shroomlights are available to enhance your Minecraft world.

Armed with this knowledge, venture into the Nether, discover the glow of shroomlights, and let their mystical light guide your way.

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