Minecraft: How to Get Dark Oak Planks [Quick Guide]

In the vast world of Minecraft, crafting is an essential skill that empowers players to create an array of items from the resources they gather. Dark oak planks, derived from dark oak logs, serve as a crucial building material and crafting ingredient.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of crafting dark oak planks, providing step-by-step instructions along with screenshots.

Required Materials to Craft Dark Oak Planks

Before you start crafting dark oak planks, ensure you have the following material:

  • 1 Dark Oak Log

How to Craft Dark Oak Planks in Survival Mode

Step 1: Open the Crafting Menu

Open the Crafting Menu

Begin by opening your crafting table to access the 3×3 crafting grid.

Step 2: Add Items to Make Dark Oak Planks

Add Items to Make Dark Oak Planks

In the crafting menu, observe the 3×3 crafting grid. To craft dark oak planks, place 1 dark oak log in the grid. The crafting recipe is as follows:

[D] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ]

[D]: Dark Oak Log

Place the dark oak log in the first box of the third row, and 4 dark oak planks will appear in the result box.

Step 3: Move the Dark Oak Planks to Inventory

Move the Dark Oak Planks to Inventory

Drag the crafted dark oak planks from the crafting grid into your inventory.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully crafted dark oak planks in Minecraft, ready to be used in your builds and various crafting recipes.

Command for Dark Oak Planks

For those who prefer using commands, the following command will grant you dark oak planks in your inventory:

For Minecraft Education, Minecraft Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Pocket Edition (PE), and Java Edition (PC/Mac):

/give @p planks 1 5

Supported Platforms

Dark oak planks are available on the following platforms of Minecraft:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac)
  • Pocket Edition (PE)
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Wii U
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition

Now armed with the knowledge of crafting dark oak planks, unleash your creativity and build magnificent structures in the world of Minecraft!

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