Crafting Blue Stained Glass in Survival Mode of Minecraft [Easy Steps]

Blue Stained Glass is a decorative building material crafted by combining Glass Panes with Blue Dye. To create Blue Stained Glass, place Blue Dye and Glass Panes in a 3×3 pattern on the crafting grid. The resulting Blue Stained Glass Panes have a translucent blue color, allowing light to pass through and adding a serene and calming aesthetic to structures.

Builders commonly use Blue Stained Glass for windows, skylights, and various decorative elements. Its cool and soothing hue makes it suitable for a variety of themes, including oceanic builds, magical landscapes, or to evoke a sense of tranquility in architectural designs.

Follow these steps and infuse your world with serene shades of blue.

Required Materials:

Collect the following materials to begin your crafting adventure:

Crafting in Survival Mode:

Open the Crafting Menu:

Begin by accessing the crafting table to reveal the 3×3 crafting grid.

Open the Crafting Menu

Add Items to Make Blue Stained Glass:

In the crafting grid, combine 8 glass blocks with 1 blue dye. Organize them in the pattern below: Blue Stained Glass Crafting

  • First row: 3 glass blocks.
  • Second row: 1 glass block (first box), 1 blue dye (second box), and 1 glass block (third box).
  • Third row: 3 glass blocks.

Ensure the glass and blue dye follow this specific pattern.

New Recipe

Items to make Blue Stained Glass

Old Recipe

Items to make Blue Stained Glass 2

Move the Blue Stained Glass to Inventory:

Witness the creation of 8 Blue Stained Glass blocks. Transfer them to your inventory for use in your architectural projects.

Move the Blue Stained Glass to Inventory

Command for Blue Stained Glass:

For a direct approach, use the following commands based on your Minecraft version:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac) – Versions 1.13 and above:
  /give @p blue_stained_glass 1
  • Java Edition (PC/Mac) – Versions 1.8 to 1.12:
  /give @p stained_glass 1 11
  • Pocket Edition (PE) – Versions 1.12 and above:
  /give @p stained_glass 1 11
  • Xbox One – Versions 1.12 and above:
  /give @p stained_glass 1 11
  • PS4 – Versions 1.14 and above:
  /give @p stained_glass 1 11
  • Nintendo Switch – Versions 1.12 and above:
  /give @p stained_glass 1 11
  • Windows 10 Edition – Versions 1.12 and above:
  /give @p stained_glass 1 11
  • Education Edition – Versions 1.12 and above:
  /give @p stained_glass 1 11

Usage of Blue Stained Glass:

Utilize Blue Stained Glass to craft items such as Blue Stained Glass Panes, adding an element of tranquility to your creations.

Supported Platforms:

Blue Stained Glass is available across various Minecraft platforms, including Java Edition (PC/Mac), Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition. Embrace the calming influence of Blue Stained Glass in your builds. Happy crafting!

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