3 Simple Steps to Make Waxed Exposed Cut Copper in Minecraft

Minecraft continues to evolve, and with the Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I, a new and visually stunning addition has been introduced – the waxed exposed cut copper. This block stands out not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its unique characteristic of resisting aging and maintaining its original appearance over time. If you’re eager to bring this innovation to your Minecraft creations, let’s dive into the step-by-step guide on how to craft waxed exposed cut copper.

Required Materials:

Before embarking on your crafting adventure, make sure you have the following materials in your inventory:

Crafting Process in Survival Mode:

Step 1- Open the Crafting Menu:

Begin by accessing your crafting table to reveal the 3×3 crafting grid, your workspace for the upcoming masterpiece.

Open the Crafting Menu

Step 2- Add Items to Make Waxed Exposed Cut Copper:

The crafting menu unveils the 3×3 crafting grid, where you’ll strategically place specific items to craft waxed exposed cut copper. Pay careful attention to the arrangement, as changing the pattern will result in a different item. Our example images serve as a guide.

Pattern 1:

First row: Place 1 exposed cut copper in the first box and 1 honeycomb in the second box.

Items to make Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Pattern 1

Pattern 2:

First and second rows: Add 1 waxed exposed copper in the first box and the second box.

Items to make Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Pattern 2

Once the crafting area mirrors the prescribed pattern, witness the magic as waxed exposed cut copper materializes in the right-hand box.

Step 3- Move the Waxed Exposed Cut Copper to Inventory:

Move the Waxed Exposed Cut Copper to Inventory

Congratulations! Your creation is complete. Ensure you transfer the newly crafted waxed exposed cut copper to your inventory, ready to be integrated into your Minecraft world.

Command for Waxed Exposed Cut Copper:

For those who prefer a quicker approach, Minecraft provides commands to instantly obtain waxed exposed cut copper. Use the appropriate command based on your gaming platform:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac):
  /give @p waxed_exposed_cut_copper 1
  • Pocket Edition (PE):
  /give @p waxed_exposed_cut_copper 1 0
  • Xbox One:
  /give @p waxed_exposed_cut_copper 1 0
  • PS4:
  /give @p waxed_exposed_cut_copper 1 0
  • Nintendo Switch:
  /give @p waxed_exposed_cut_copper 1 0
  • Windows 10 Edition:
  /give @p waxed_exposed_cut_copper 1 0
  • Education Edition:
  /give @p waxed_exposed_cut_copper 1 0

Supported Platforms:

Waxed exposed cut copper is available across various versions of Minecraft, ensuring its integration into your creative ventures, regardless of your gaming platform:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac)
  • Pocket Edition (PE)
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition

Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to unleash your creativity and incorporate the timeless allure of waxed exposed cut copper into your Minecraft landscapes.

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